Guidance to Make a Professional Music Video

For those who are still learning to make a professional – looking music video, then this article might suit you well. Here we listed some of the most important part in making a good music video. Whether you are a rising artists, indie musicians, small recording companies, or students, learning the steps on how to make a good music video is surely worth to do.

  1. Choose the Song

If you have already recorded some of your best songs and planning to make the music video for the songs, then the first crucial part you have to consider is choosing the best song. This part is very crucial since the song will influence the theme or concept for the music video. For example, if the song is about love between a man and woman, then you have to arrange concept that fits with the song. Then the concept might have romantic atmosphere and so on.

Guidance to Make a Professional Music Video
Guidance to Make a Professional Music Video
  1. Make a Solid Team

In order to take a shoot, edit, and finish the music video, you will need many film crew that will help you accomplish the task. Make sure that everyone in the team understand what their jobs are and deadline to accomplish the task. The main film crew you will need are:

  1. Camera person: The number of camera person needed depends on the difficulty of the music video concept. Most film crew may need one or more individuals
  2. Model(s)
  3. Lighting person
  4. Director

The director is a person that in charge for the accomplishment of the task. The director responsibilities are directing people in the whole process, from shooting to finishing. As for the tools, if it is still possible, you better rent the equipment in order to minimize the budget.

  1. Build Storyboards

You cannot shoot the video if you don’t have the storyboards. The storyboards is very crucial as this will ensure you and your team stay on the track. From the storyboards, you and your team can understand each other. If you don’t have any idea what storyboards looks like, then you can search the template on Google Search.

From the storyboard, you describe each scene and what things you need to accomplish the scene. It is also very important to discuss each scene with the lighting crew and camera man so that they will know what your expectations for the scene.

Guidance to Make a Professional Music Video
Guidance to Make a Professional Music Video
  1. Shooting Live Footage

If you want to shoot the live footage when the singer or band playing live, then you will need special technique as this task is not easy to do. However, shooting the live footage will give the audience the real energy of the song. If it sounds difficult for you to only capture one live footage for a music video, then you can mix several live footage from the band to build one music video.