MTV and Music Video Development

MTV and music video has deeper connection that what most people think. MTV has big role in music video development for years. Today, we can watch and enjoy music video of our favorite artist or song via MTV but other platforms such as YouTube. The first appearance of MTV was not as smooth as it looked. However, it had drawn people attention in 1980s. Lots of musician then chose to use music video in more creative way to gather more viewers who enjoy the music. From a very long time or even from the beginning, MTV had influenced not only the growth of music video but also the dynamic of music market generally. With the appearance of MTV, artists or musicians had more chances to be recognized by more people publicly and globally.

Music development with the influence of MTV

It can’t be denied that today’s largest video search engine is YouTube following Google as the largest search engine. There are many contents to watch on YouTube not only music videos. However, MTV had become a significant influence for music video development from the beginning. The first music video launched by MTV back then was cheap ones. That was why people at that time not really pay attention to music videos. However, MTV had revolutionized entertainment through music videos.

music videos
music videos

Now, MTV is one of the TV giants featured many contents but mostly based on musical contents. The first reason why MTV built back then was for financial services. The two main channels for cable television at that time were Nickelodeon and The Movie Channel. Then, the third channel was made and it was MTV which was a channel that focused on music. It was planned as 24-hour music channel. At that time, MTV was dubbed as radio with pictures. Well, it was interesting to say the least since it was kind of evolution from radio trend.

MTV launched its first music video on August 1981. It was Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles. The song itself talked about how music industry would be changed by the channel. The second music video following was You Better Run Pat Benatar. It was kind of a warning so the record companies would appreciate more MTV instead of being skeptical. Today, MTV still exists and had become one of the most important pioneers in music video development. Without MTV, the revolution of music video might not exist after all.