Music Video as Promotional Film To Promote The Music

The role of music video is more than to please the eyes of music enthusiasts. Before it reaches the viewers, music video is a tool to raise brand awareness of music itself. Music video can be a great tool to show the color of music that the artist trying to convey. It is true that every artist has their own color in music. Therefore, they can not only show it through the lyrics or genre choice but also to the music video. By using music video as promotional film, there is higher chance to earn more music enthusiasts. Music video can be the right spice to flavor up the music making music enthusiasts gain more appetite to enjoy the music itself.

Benefits of using music video as promotional film

Music videos consist of pieces of scenes knitted together to become a kind of short film. It is filled with music and the lyrics which contain certain message to deliver to the viewers. Music video may sound simple but the making is not as easy as it sounds. There are many elements to involve before it becomes great content worth to watch. It is even not a rare case for film makers to make music video since they have more knowledge and capability to create great contents through music video which generally lasts only for 3 to 5 minutes.

Music video is a great tool to promote the music because it can reaches wider range of audience that also like playing games at It is not only music enthusiast that can enjoy music videos but also people from different walks of life. Name it art students, producers, music composers, and many more people can gain something from watching music videos. Therefore, it has become a great way to promote many things. Music video is a promotional film wrapped in various elements made of special ingredients. The main purpose is to gain more attention. Thus, the music will have more listeners and the artist gain more appreciation.

promotional film
promotional film

There is no obligation of who can or are eligible to make music videos. However, professional tend to put more elements to the promotional film so that the music video is more interesting such as adding visual effects, 3D animation, special effects, etc. It doesn’t mean that simple music videos are not worth watching because it depends again on viewer’s taste. However, more interesting promotional film formed into music videos has higher chance to gain more viewers.