Top 6 Amazing Music Videos that were Inspired by Video Games

Who knows that video games can someday inspired musicians and artists from whole around the world to make the music videos based on them. At least, that what have happened nowadays. With the fast – growing culture of gaming, the music world is one of the things that has been impacted the most.

Many artists and musicians use video games universe as inspirations for their music videos landscape Here we have compiled the top six amazing music videos that were inspired by video games.

Top 6 Amazing Music Videos that were Inspired by Video Games
Top 6 Amazing Music Videos that were Inspired by Video Games
  1. Do the Whirlwind by Architecture in Helsinki

Who can guess that this adorable and very cute little characters are used as the characters in rockers’ music videos. Architecture in Helsinki is an indie – rockers that adapted GBA graphics in “Do the Whirlwind” official music video. It also featured Pacman as the cameo at the end of the video.

  1. You’ve Changed by Sia

Music video by Sia “You’ve Changed” is inspired fully by the gameplay from Rock Star. This music video also has customization features from The Sims. This is the lead single from We Are Born album by Sia that was released in 2010. The genre of this single is disco that was written by Sia Furler and Lauren Flax.

Top 6 Amazing Music Videos that were Inspired by Video Games
Top 6 Amazing Music Videos that were Inspired by Video Games
  1. Move Your Feet by Junior Senior

One of the most memorable music videos released by Junior Senior is Move Your Feet which used the pixelated games theme as their music video concept. Therefore, it is no wonder that Move Your Feet music video had lovable and colorful theme which suits the lyrics.

Junior Senior released this song in 2002 in the “D-D-Don’t Don’t Stop the Beat” album which has become one of the most successful songs by this Danish pop duo.

  1. Frontline by Kelela

The Sims video games surely has inspired many artists and musicians to make a music video based on the games universe. Kelela is one of the American singer who choose The Sims video games as a basis for her latest official music video, Frontline.

Frontline is one of her singles that was released in 2017 preceded her debut studio album, Take Me Apart. The genre of Frontline single is alternative R&B.

  1. Hot Tonight by Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club has released an official music video with arcade games as the video landscape. Hot Tonight was first released in 2014 from Forcefield album by Tokyo Police Club. Arcade games is one of the most popular type of games that have been played by people since its first release in 1971.

From that time until now, there are numerous successful arcade games that have been released with iconic video game characters. This music video features several attractive twists based on classic arcade games video.

  1. Don’t Deny Your Heart by Hot Chip

Hot Chip music video is inspired fully by football competition video games. But, strange things will happen as you watch the rest of “Don’t Deny Your Heart” music video.